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    My name is LaTryce Anderson. I am the UchiDeshi, Understudy, Disciple, and "Right Hand" of Grand Master Redwood. I serve under Soke Redwood as his President for the following organizations: Redwood Combat Shotokan Karate Do, World International Combat Martial Arts, World Jeet Kune Do Sports Council, and the World Budo Karate Union.


    Connection, Speed, Tenacity, Mind & Body; all are aspects of the rigorous training Soke Redwood used to create his own fighting style, Shi Ten Kai. Shi Ten Kai takes the Shotokan Technique beyond what any martial artist could have ever imagined. From Shi Ten Kai we get Combat Shotokan Karate Do.


    The way Soke Redwood combines each into your training is key. When all five are combined with the Shi Ten Kai Formula, you become a lethal weapon reaching beyond yourself.


    Come learn this new formula and upgrade your fighting skills.

    There is only one who is able to get you to the level of Shi Ten Kai. He is our Soke. He is our Grand Master.


    Dr. Orlando Redwood

    Founder of Combat Shotokan Karate Do


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    Redwood Combat Shotokan Karate Do - OSS!


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  • RCSKD Lineage

    "Father of Modern Karate"

    Gichin Funakoshi

    Isao Obata

    Soke Vicente Cruz

    International San Ten Karate Association

    Hanshi Rolando Newland

    9th Degree in Redwood Combat Shotokan Karate Do

    Soke Lionel Worrel

    San Ten Shotokan

    Soke Jadish Singh

    • Grand Master atWorld International Combat Martial Arts Society
    • Major General Representative of India at World International Counter Terrorist Center
    • Country Director, India & Nepal at International Okinawa Seishinryuku Karate Do Kobudo Jutsu Association
    • Managing Director at World All Style Martial Arts Security Association
    • Grand Master at Shinja Martial Arts University
    • Director at USA Atemi Ki Do/Dojo Martial Physical Fitness Center 

    Dr. Orlando Redwood, PhD.

    • Founder of Combat Shotokan Karate Do
    • Creator of Shi Ten Kai
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Combat Arts & Sports Science Education
    • Grand Master of Redwood Combat Shotokan Karate-Do
    • Grand Master in the World International Combat Marital Arts
    • Grand Master in World Jeet Kune Do Sports Council
    • Grand Master in World Budo Karate Union
    • World Chairman of WJKDSC
    • United States Chairman of WICMA
    • United States Chairman of WBKU


    President LaTryce Anderson

    • UchiDeshi and "Right Hand" to Grand Master Redwood
    • Disciple in the "Way of the Samurai" under Grand Master Redwood 
    • Understudy of Shi Ten Kai - Combat Shotokan - under Grand Master Redwood
    • Bachelors of Exercise Sports Science
    • Currently pursuing Masters in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship
    • World President under Grand Master Redwood at World Jeet Kune Do Sports Council
    • United States President under Grand Master Redwood at World International Combat Martial Arts
    • United States President under Grand Master Redwood at World Budo Karate Union

    Gichin Funakoshi & Isao Obata

    Always remember...

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  • Head Dojo


    Monday - Wednesday

    5:30 pm



    4:30 PM

  • A bit of history.

    My name is LaTryce (luh-treese) Anderson. Everyone calls me L., for short. I was born in Manchester, England and adopted by an American military family. I spent my early childhood years in Northern England and Kaiserslautern, Germany while traveling to different countries across Europe.  

    School days.

    My sports career began with cheerleading in England at age four. As I got older I competed and placed in gymnastics, track, tennis, and other sports including a co-ed baseball team in Germany.

    I taught and choreographed dance for youth and adult dance teams in San Antonio, Texas beginning at age 10. I attended William Howard Taft High School and was a member of the Air Force JROTC, earning over 30 awards, ultimately becoming the AFJROTC Deputy Corp Commander. I graduated in the top 15% of my class. I was a member of the National Honor Society, listed in Who's Who of high school students, lettered in band, in language arts and AFJROTC.


    Shortly after high school, I attended Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas focusing on dance, sports training and karate. I won Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant and studied acting under Laura Lane, co-star of the tv show, The Nanny. In Spring of 1996, I became a member of the sophisticated Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, where I served as Secretary and President. I also served on the National Pan-Hellenic Council as an Officer and organized was of the biggest national step-shows in NPHC. I dance with Harambee and Orchesis including a prestigious role in a dance entitled, "Get Over It' choreographed by the TSU - San Marcos Dance Department Director, Dr. Jo Anne Hayes. In my final years, I served as a member of the Black Student Alliance and received my Bachelor's in Exercise Sports Science and Dance.



    Up to speed.

    I am currently the only female Disciple of Grand Master Orlando Redwood, Hanshi. This means that my Sensei is more than just my teacher, he is my Master. Master is not a bad word in Japan. It is a title of respect and honor. Only a Sensei can proclaim someone as their Disciple. It is said that the Master always responds to the student and there is a special bond.


    I accepted my destiny because I prayed for this many years ago. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, I knelt before my Master and took an oath; an oath that is sacred to me. I am his Disciple and I am the only one who calls him Master. Everyone else calls him Sensei or Hanshi.

    My future.

    Grand Master Redwood is a 9th Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. Hence the title Hanshi. He has been doing Shotokan for over 50 years. He recently made me his Understudy (also a high honor). It places me as the one to succeed, so, I go everywhere my Master goes to learn, study, and eventually continue what he began years ago.



    My path.

    At this moment, I am also the only one representing The Redwood Shotokan Karate-Do Organization in competitions. I will represent my order at various competitions and make my way to the 2020 World Tournament in Tokyo, Japan. My main goals are: to be in the top 5 in the world at the end of the 2019 season, to be on the podium in 2020, and continue competing for as long as I am able.

    My heart.

    My journey as a student of Shotokan has given me mental and emotional peace during much sorrow. A week before Hurricane Harvey I lost my god-sister to cancer. Three days after Harvey I lost my father to congestive heart failure among other complications. I am in the middle of a separation as well, but my spirit won't let me stop now. I have come too far and fought too hard.

    My God.

    I truly believe God sent my Master, Hanshi Redwood, to save me. Shotokan has not only changed my life, it became my saving grace even before the hardships began. I committed myself to Traditional Japanese Karate Training and I got to know myself all over again.


    I love the training. I love the intensity. I love the powerful woman and athlete God has created me to be.


    I see my strengths, weaknesses, and how hard I can push myself physically and mentally.

    My support, you.

    My competitions begin August 2018 in Panamá City, Panamá. I will travel there with my Sensei where I will train & learn more about my craft. To become a world-class athlete, I must push my limits and develop incredible self-discipline.


    The thing is, I want more, I know I can do more. I am ready to push my limits even further as I know that I can work my way to the top and represent my country and win.


    To be able to reach these goals I must pay for the following: personal expenses, entry fees, travel, lodging, food, training, gear, equipment, medical expenses, supplements, and other expenses not yet foreseen.


    It’s very difficult to work and train full-time as a Professional Athlete. Therefore, I need your support. All donations go directly to help me fund everything listed above. By contributing you will help me reach my goals and take part in my journey of becoming a

    gold medalist.



    My Thanks.

    Thank you all so very much. May God continue to bless you and return to you 10-fold what you have donated to me, as a Shotokan Karate Champion.




    Success isn't given.

    It's earned.

    On the track, on the field, in the dojo.

    With blood, sweat, and the occasional tear.


    I want to thank you all for your support.
    With your love, prayers, and financial support,
    I am able to become the Champion
    God created me to be.
    Thank you!
    Muchas Gracias!
    Arigato Gozaimashita!

  • Katas of the Shotokan Masters

    Father Gichin Funakoshi - Hanshi Vincent Cruz - Grand Master Orlando Redwood

  • Student Registration Form

    Formulario de Inscripción

  • Waiver & Release Liability Form

    Exención y Responsabilidad de Liberación


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